Greetings and salutations, my name is Bronze Wool and I set up this blog in order to help spread some amazing concept art that you wouldn't normally find in Art Books.


Tangled concept art, character designs by Shiyoon Kim (Part 1 of 3).

"Stylistically, my job was to make the characters fit in the same world as Rapunzel.. who was drawn by none other then the great Glen Keane! He had already done soooooo many awesome drawings on her for the past 7 years at Disney that Rapunzel already had a real clear direction on who she was and how she should drawn. It was a tall order for me to follow up on it so I did my best to really understand Glen’s aesthetics and his influences. I made it a point to really look at his work from his more recent Tarzan drawings. to some of his early stuff like Oliver and Company and Ratigan from the great mouse detective.. even looking at earlier artists like Ollie Johnson, Fred Moore, Hank Ketchum, Kathee Kollwitz, Leyendecker, Robert Fawcett, Hirschfield, Carl Spitzweg, Raphael and photographers like Edward Steichen.. I found that even Glen’s animation notes were hidden gems on his design process as well.. It wasn’t good enough to just copy shallow mark making or shapes but to understand his perspective and the "why" he draws the way he does." ~ Shiyoon Kim.

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