Greetings and salutations, my name is Bronze Wool and I set up this blog in order to help spread some amazing concept art that you wouldn't normally find in Art Books.


Danny Phantom Frostbite character design by Benjamin Balistreri.

"Here’s another Danny Phantom character I designed named Frostbite. The script had him described as an abominable snowman/wampa type creature. I tried to think of something to distance him a bit from every other snow creature we’ve seen so I came up with the frozen arm. I don’t know if it makes much sense, but I thought it looked cool. (no pun intended!)." ~ Benjamin Balistreri.

Danny Phantom character designs by Benjamin Balistreri.

"Here are some designs done to give the storyboard artists something to work from. I always enjoyed adding some color, but it was never really followed. These are all pencil and marker on animation paper. The design for Technus 3.0 made it all the way through the board pitch for the episode, "Identity Crisis" but then it was realized that the design didn’t work for what needed to happen in the story. Whoops, should have read the script I guess." ~ Benjamin Balistreri.

Danny Phantom creature designs by Benjamin Balisteri.

"Here are my concept drawings for some mutated ghost animals in an episode of Danny Phantom entitled "Maternal Instinct."
"These were done for the storyboard artists to have something to work with. They look pretty much the same in the final episode but they are colored bright neon green." ~ Ben Balisteri.

Danny Phantom Title cards. Designs by Ben Balistreri, clean-up and illustrations by Ray Leong, and colouring by Honore Gauthier, George Taylor, Bob Boyle, and George Goodchild.

"Here’s a collection of some of the title cards for Danny Phantom. I get to design these as well as draw the type and come up with the funky 50’s horror movie poster sayings." ~ Benjamin Balistreri.

Kim Possible “Return to Wannaweep” storyboard sequence by Francis Barabios (Part 3 of 3).