Greetings and salutations, my name is Bronze Wool and I set up this blog in order to help spread some amazing concept art that you wouldn't normally find in Art Books.


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My questions:

1. Favorite food?

Sandwich wraps!!!

2. If you could be anything for Halloween what would it be?

I always wanted to cosplay as Jade from the video game “Beyond Good and Evil”, just because I love her outfit.

3. You have the chance to write and direct a sequel to your favorite movie. What’s the movie, and what’s the title of your sequel?

Most of my favourite films already have a sequel, and the ones that don’t, I want them to stay that way.

However, I would have liked to have seen the potential sequels to The Road to El Dorado,had it done better in the box office. Maybe something like The Road to Argatha or some other mythical city (with Chell, Tulio, and Miguel in a polyamorous relationship).

4. What element do you bend and why?

Earth all the way, especially metalbending (but we need more crystal bending! Just imagine all the artistic possibilities ^3^ )

5. Given the chance, what celebrity would you go on a date with?

Technically no one, but if I could spend a day with any celebrity (and hug them) it would be Neil Gaiman.

6. What’s your patronus?

Probably a sheep. Although a dog would be kinda cool too.

Maybe a sheep dog? XD

7. Disney or DreamWorks?

While Disney will always have a place in my childhood, I find myself more engrossed in DreamWorks’ films than Disney ones.

8. If you could spend a month in another country, where would you go?

Italy. I love the history, I love the sites, I love the culture, I love the food, I love everything about Italy.

9. Would you rather have endless wealth, or immortality?

Well, if I’m immortal I’ll eventually pay off any and all debts anyway, however, I refuse to spend eternity having to be social every decade just to make new friends.

Endless wealth it is! *Everyone is invited to swim in my money bank*

10. Night or Day?

No preference, but for obvious reasons I’m more active during the day.

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My Questions:

  1. What bad film do you want to see remade?
  2. Fav Underrated video game?
  3. Any pets?
  4. A fandom you just can’t seem to wrap your head around?
  5. You have a time machine, where/when do you go?
  6. What is your most prized possession?
  7. Fav Pokemon type
  8. Least favourite food?
  9. The last book you read?
  10. ice-cream or hot chocolate?