Greetings and salutations, my name is Bronze Wool and I set up this blog in order to help spread some amazing concept art that you wouldn't normally find in Art Books.


Early Danny Phantom concept art by Butch Hartman.

"Just wanted to show you some EARLY, EARLY development artwork for Danny Phantom. These sketches were all drawn by yours truly back in 2001. Funny how things rarely end up looking like the way they start out, huh? I had a tough time coming up with a cool Danny design, but once I stumbled on the idea of giving him white hair, it started falling into place. Steven Silver - an awesome artist/character designer - helped me finalize Danny’s design later on. So the final version that we all know and love is a combination of his stuff and my stuff. And as soon as I can find some of his stuff I’ll post it." ~ Butch Hartman.